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Transformity Health was founded in 2003 through a desire to offer integrated health advice to individual patients and healthcare professionals combined with an unbiased overview of the treatment landscape. Over the years our team has encountered a wide variety of therapy areas and health issues, gaining experience in all aspects of the global healthcare industry.

We specialise in reviewing the treatment landscape for what is currently available, assessing new drugs that are in development and identifying which clinical trials are running for patients to get involved with.
In addition, we speak with Key Opinion Leaders, specialists in their field of expertise and industry professionals to get a personal view of different treatments and the trends for each indication.

Transformity was conceived through a desire to offer better, more personal and more integrated healthcare for those looking for advice on a range of health ailments.


The company was founded in London, UK, by Atul Banerjee, a former management consultant with over 25 years experience in healthcare, and Dr. Monica Banerjee, a General Practitioner dealing in front line medical advice to patients.  


Our team now includes healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, and industry researchers.


We began by providing a personalised service to individual patients [clients] who had not been satisfied with the level of care given by their GPs or medical professionals, or who were looking for an alternative method to treat their ailments, which were often linked to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices.


This service developed into providing more information on latest treatments and clinical trials for more serious conditions, such as cancer, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.


We believe in a balanced approach to helping our clients through both natural and conventional medical treatment and deal with each client’s profile as a separate case.


Over time, our experience in different indications and research capabilities enabled us to expand our services to healthcare professionals, who were also looking for up-to-date information on the latest treatments available, as well as a review of new treatments in development.


This service includes providing a global analysis of clinical trials and thought leadership from Key Opinion Leaders. We also provide reviews of health-related topics such as Medical Technology, Patient Centricity and the impact of generics and biosimilars on the drug industry.

Atul has over 25 years in management and strategy consulting, with extensive experience in healthcare and medical research. 


He set up Transformity Health in 2003 following the sale of his previous online health company.


Atul first gained strategy consulting experience with Accenture and ZS Associates in the 1990s, working on M&As in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Atul Banerjee, Founder and Manageing Director of Transformity Health

Atul Banerjee

B.Eng, Dip. I.O.N, MBA

Founder and Managing Director

He was then involved with a number of start-ups in the noughties and was MD of an online health company that managed distribution of health products in 9 countries, which was finally sold in 2003.


Since 2004, Atul has worked on researching the treatment landscape for numerous indications, both conventional and natural, and offers a unique insight into the healthcare market for both individual patients and those working within the health industry.

Helping physicians and patients at Transformity Health
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