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Transformity Health has built up extensive global experience of medical cases and diseases which, when combined with our access to specialists and industry professionals, enables us to give HCPs a comprehensive overview of trends within different treatment landscapes.

We are often asked by patients and healthcare professionals about the latest treatments available for specific therapy areas, and especially which clinical trials are available for patients to enrol in. 
A Bespoke Service


Our team provides our clients with bespoke reports on a variety of subjects, such as:


  • Treatment landscape studies

  • Reviews and future trends of different therapy areas

  • Patient centricity and services targeting the patient

  • Impact of biosimilars and generics on traditional Pharma

  • Impact of consolidation on the industry



Transformity offers a review of medical treatments for healthcare professionals, including a landscape overview of current treatments, new treatments in development and the progress of clinical trials around the world. 


In addition, we speak to Key Opinion Leaders and experts in the industry to establish their views on the trends for each disease area.

Information for Physicians at Transformity Health
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